Slurpy Goodness for Summer

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Cold Soups are a great way to beat the summer heat as they are refreshing and packed with good health sans the heat.

The palpable heat in the atmosphere means that the harsh summers have arrived with all their intensity. Summers are also the time when all of us notice that our energy levels deplete sooner and appetite for hot food is on the lower side. A great option to perk you up is Cold Soups. Yes, soups do not always have to be hot and can be the go to dish in the summer.

Kokum And Watermelon Gazpacho
Kokum And Watermelon Gazpacho

Cold Soups include some classics like Gazpacho that is popular in Spain and Portugal in the hot summers. Gazpacho is a blend of fresh vegetables and herbs and chilled. Soups are a combination of a variety of dishes they can have your favourite assortment of veggies like corn, tomato and carrots.

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