Strength Training with free weights

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Strength training is the key to flexibility, mobility, improved performance and lower injury risk. It is completely alright for people of all fitness levels and athletic abilities and age groups to implement free weight strength training.

Free weight training has multiple benefits to the body such as strength building, Muscle building, understanding ones core stability etc. This method of training has been incorporated all over the globe since ancient times as the pattern of movements help create self-awareness on ones body during training.

When muscle isolation, or the capacity to control movement speed, direction, and intensity, is needed, machines do have a place in rehab and training. Machines are also helpful for beginners who might require a fairly regimented movement program to develop some very basic strength.

Machines may also be used to add muscle to the body in order to increase its general strength. Evidently, bodybuilders are more interested in gaining as much muscle as they can than in how well that muscle can execute precise, athletic motions. Yet for anyone who wants to build strength, ability, agility, and balance for sports (and life) outside of the gym, functional training should be the cornerstone of a fitness regimen.

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