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The Long Reach of Short Form Video Apps

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Post the ban of Tik Tok, the Indian app market has seen a spate of launches in the short form video app space that is proving to be a boon for music content creators.

Did you know that India’s short form video market will have 650 million users by 2025? Well, this is as per a recent report by  Global management consulting firm, Bain & Company. The opening paragraph of the report reads, “online video consumption has exploded over the last few years, with a surge in both users and usage bolstered by prolonged stay-at-home periods during the pandemic. India’s large base of approximately 640 million Internet users, of which about 550 million are smartphone users, is rapidly growing and spending more time online. The Indian Internet user spends more time online than several countries globally, including China. Most of this time, a staggering one hour per day for a smartphone user is spent consuming videos.”

Short form video apps are growing
Short form video apps are growing

There is no doubt that the short form video (SFV), that is anywhere from 15 seconds to two minutes long, is having its moment under the sun. The best part of the creative economy is that talented musicians can now showcase their talent.

What trends in India not only shapes the creative currency in India but also influences change across the world and this is why India was the first country where we launched YouTube Shorts.

Another reason SFV apps are becoming popular is that several celebrities like Badshah, BTS and Ed Sheeran have used them to promote their music. In fact, these popular names have taken the engagement route by throwing challenges at their fans.

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