Work from Anywhere in Bangalore

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The pandemic has changed work culture forever as it has blurred the notions of office space and its specific location.

Two years into the pandemic, most office goers have been largely cocooned at home. While this change impacted most people it also took time to make the shift.

Interestingly the work from home culture has made way for a work from anywhere culture. And there have been several places that are making this possible.

In this story I have written about four places in Bangalore that can be an option for those looking to change their work desk.

  • Indian Music Experience Museum by Brigade offers spaces where people can work from are the open-air cafe (it has a roof but open on sides) and cubicles in the Learning Centre if people need an indoor space.
  • SOCIAL Works is an ideal place to connect and collaborate with like-minded creators and professionals across fields and is also the most chilled-out workspace where a member can choose between a cup of coffee or a pint of beer.
  • BLVD Club, India’s first private luxury club, makes for a perfect workstation space where one can host meetings, send emails, or make calls. The club has powerful WiFi, seating, and well-equipped conference rooms.
  • Olde Bangalore Resort has a workcation package of three days, a week, and five days for a couple and single occupancy. It is inclusive of breakfast (Indian and Continental) and unlimited free Wi-Fi.

Read the full story that first appeared in Hash#tag Magazine here:

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