The Sindhian – stories in July- Sep 2019

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Here are the stories from The Sindhian’s July-Sep 2019 issue.

Dr. Rajesh Rajani, Consultant Cardiologist at P.D. Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mumbai. When he was just six, the word cardiologist was imprinted in Dr. Rajesh Rajani’s mind. His mother a blood pressure patient was always enamoured by cardiologists and wished that her son would become one too. Being the only son (he has two sisters) Dr. Rajesh admits that at that age he was always interested in the field of creative media and was weak in Mathematics. “However with the passage of time, my mother’s desire to see me as a cardiologist intensified and I changed tracks to improve in Maths and soon got into medical college. I am happy I made the right choice though.” Read the full story here:

Madhuri Thadani. Born and brought up in South Mumbai, Madhuri Thadani did her schooling from Villa Theresa High School for Girls and Fashion Designing Diploma from Sophia College. Always interested in makeup and beauty she however married when she was just 22 and chose to be a quintessential house wife. “My passion for makeup grew stronger with every passing day. At parties and social events, people would always compliment me for my makeup, even to an extent that my friends would request me to do their makeup.” Read the full story here:

Smriti Ahuja, Co-founder, Spiro Spero. A graduate of the Istituto Europeo Di Design in Milan, Smriti Ahuja is an Events, Content and Public Relations professional apart from being involved with The Art Conspiracy Festival and the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival for The Art Loft. And if that packed a punch she is also co-founder of Spiro Spero (pronounced spee-ro spare-ro), an architecture, design and branding firm that she and her partner Keith Menon started in 2011. Read the full story here:

Itchha Talreja . Born and raised in Lucknow, she made a bold move to Mumbai when she was 20 and worked at Gladrags for a year. A year later she followed her heart and has not looked back since. Say hello to successful graphic designer Itchha Talreja who runs her own company Itchha Talreja Designs.  Read the full story here:

Tarun Panjwani . The connection of food in a Sindhi family is something of a given considering that Sindhi families love their food. It was this very feeling that veered a young Tarun Panjwani towards cooking as child. “I remember I always used to help my mother in the kitchen whenever we hosted lunch or dinner. I used to create new dishes from the same old ingredients and would plate them in a way which I can call as creative for a boy of that age.”

Gerish Khemani did his junior college at Jai Hind College and joined an engineering course which he dropped off within a month, because he realized this was not something that he wanted to do. “I went back to Jai Hind and did my Bachelor’s in Mass Media (BMM). It was wonderful because I discovered many things about myself and discovered my passion for theater and acting and storytelling in general. And because there were lots of intercollegiate festivals and I was leading the BMM contingent, I discovered that I loved telling stories.” In his last year of college he connected with a friend who used to work with a professional theater group and he started working on production and also as an actor.

The year when the story of B and K Bhagat Tarachand started from the vision of Tarachand Chawla who launched a humble eatery in Karachi. Apart from his delicious food, it was his magnetic personality, generosity, and goodwill that earned him the title ‘Bhagat’. Post partition, Bhagat Tarachand moved to Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar. Today his grandsons Prakash, Ramesh and Late Gurmukh Khemchand Chawla are continuing his legacy.  The significance of initials B (Prakash & Gurumukh) & K (Ramesh) is to help them differentiate for the benefit of the customer while retaining the brand values and ethics. Read the full story here:

Jaiveer Motwani. At 13, most children are in a world that can be largely defined as happy-go-lucky. However there are others like Jaiveer Motwani, studying in 9th grade at Arya Vidya Mandhir  Bandra (West) who has been making waves in both the Junior & Sub Junior swimming arena. Read the full story here:

Sudhir Ahuja. Having armed himself with an MBA in Marketing & Research and a Post graduate in Management from S.P. Jain Institute of Management Research, Bombay, Sudhir Ahuja’s mantra in life is simple. “Logic will take you from A to B but creativity and imagination will take you everywhere. An ardent believer of this thought, my actions have always been propelled with creativity and innovative ideas, leading to blending them with out of the box thinking.” Read the full story here.

Tushar Sahani. What does it take to beat odds to emerge a champion? Well clearly a lot and when it happens to a child, it speaks of rare perseverance and discipline. Meet Tushar Shahaniwho was weak with low immunity as a child and took to chess and excelled at the sport in the national level. Read the full story here.

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