Wellness Retreats Get A Reboot

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The pandemic has turned the spotlight on wellness retreats as people are seeking health even when on a break.

Here are some trends

Return to Nature

Many of us turned to the great outdoors: walking, hiking, cycling, climbing, gardening, camping, flocking to lakes and oceans to swim Yoga balancing the fitness daily regimes. Especially, with a lot of celebrity losing their lives in the gym and not relaxing the stress they are going though. When you are under stress you exercise can also be poisonous. Now it’s time for the fitness industry to do some serious soul-searching about their relentless promotion of ripped, impossibly ideal male bodies–and the performance-enhancing drugs that get boys and men there. Balancing with Yogic relaxation technique is the key for the
future Over the past decade—and most especially, the past two years—there has been an explosion in
the growth of yoga, driven by the changing needs of individuals of all ages living in a sedentary and often socially isolated world. Widespread popularity and growing public mindshare have helped accelerate yoga’s growth trajectory in recent years to exponential levels Integrating wellness in to residential complex: The pandemic exposed just how unwell cities are. And now they’re rethinking their centuries-old landscapes: moving away from cars, pollution, and endless consumerism and retail to develop far more green and communal spaces.

Health is in your hand

The endless global crises–from the pandemic to war in Ukraine–have brought a significant shift in how we view self-care, recasting it to build readiness and resilience.

Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort, Asia Resorts Limited
Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort, Asia Resorts Limited

Longevity Driven Programs

Scientists, experts and innovators are working to make longevity research and resources available to everyone, not just the wealthy elite. With the rise of at- home testing and advanced technologies, 2022 will be a transformative year in helping people enjoy healthier lives for longer. Some say 90 will be the new 60- so stay tuned!

Immune Health

The global pandemic sparked a huge increase in awareness around immune health. Over half of the US population state that their number one health goal is to strengthen their immune system. Services to boost immunity have increased dramatically over the past year and services such as red light therapy, IV therapy, infrared saunas and salt therapies will continue to proliferate in 2022 and become readily accessible to the mainstream.

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