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Acidity – answering the burning question

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Nikhil Chaudhary, Holistic Nutritionist, Entrepreneur and Author explains why acidity cannot be controlled only by medication.

Acidity and heartburn are issues that plague not just adults but also children. Just think of how often you experience heartburn, frequent burps and indigestion and you can easily understand that this issue cannot be overlooked. In his book ‘The Burning Solution’, Nikhil Chaudhary throws light on why acidity is by far the most misunderstood problem that non-sufferers fail to empathise with.

Some common symptoms of acidity include burping, belching, heartburn, and reflux. But some symptoms are unknown and lead to misdiagnosis and mistreatment.


Antacids and allopathic drugs are the usual suspects when it comes to controlling acidity, but the problem is that these only address the symptoms and give immediate relief irrespective of the health problem without addressing the root cause.

Once you identify the underlying cause of acidity in your case, it is easier to treat it. In most cases the causes of acidity include skipping meals, not eating enough food, trigger foods, indigestion, medication, stress, and the like.

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