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Bath Fixtures

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Modern bathroom designs are a balanced mix of aesthetics and functionality.

There are numerous ways to imagine a bathroom, based on the client’s requirement and the intended use of the space. Bath fixtures are the finer details that contribute to the overall look and feel of the bathroom. The market today has seen a plethora of launches in the bath fixture space that combine form and functionality. Technology is entering the home space to make homes more functional, reduce energy consumption and make environments more pleasant.

Chest-of-drawers-in-solid-wood-GRAFF Furniture
Chest-of-drawers-in-solid-wood-GRAFF Furniture

Bath fixtures are being designed with ecological considerations. There has been much development in the areas as far the bathroom fixtures, be it fittings, light mirror, mirror cabinets, bathroom furniture, accessories, bathtubs, shower trays, wash basins are concerned. Smart technology is gaining a lot of popularity. Some trends were underway before the pandemic hit, but off late we see these trends catching on more actively. People would now like to navigate everything on a personal level, where the engagement between people and appliances would be via apps or through technology that minimizes physical touch between man and machine

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