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Big Daddy Casino in Goa

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With the opening of Big Daddy, India’s Largest Gaming & Entertainment Destination, the state of Goa is all set to become the country’s global offshore gaming and entertainment destination.

Being only one of the two states in India where gambling is legal (the other being Sikkim), Goa is soon set to take on the likes of Las Vegas & Macau to become the country’s premier casino city. Being seen as one of the ways to boost the tourism as well, casinos – offshore and land are the next big thing to India’s most loved state Goa.

Casino Cues

On a recent invitation from Big Daddy Casino in Goa, I arrived to the party destination of the country on an unusually wet September day. Post checking into my hotel, I headed to the casino as dusk fell and it was the sight of the beautiful ship with the golden logo of the flying lion that caught my attention. This is an offshore casino with ‘no-limits’ tables and is said to be the biggest and most modern offshore gaming destination in India. The idea behind the casino is to blend gaming and high to create a holistic night out experience for the discerning traveller. Incidentally the casino happens to be a specially commissioned 72 metre long and 24 meter wide Panamanian vessel – MV Lucky Seven that is operated by Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited. Incidentally being the widest vessel here, there are more gaming tables here. It is moored 5 minutes away from the embarkation point at the Captain of Ports Jetty, Mandovi River, Panaji Goa. Several feeder boats are in place to ferry visitors to the offshore casino ship once in 15 minutes. This is the only vessel which is a solo property on the Mandovi River. According to Narinder Punj, Chief Visionary Officer and Mentor, Big Daddy Goa who has been in the industry for the last 38 years, “Big Daddy Casino is all set to revolutionize the gaming industry and redefine the rules of offshore gaming.”

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