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Black in Home Decor

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Black maybe an unusual colour in interior décor but it can single handedly change the look of a space and elevate it to another level. The allure of black is unmissable. The colour that fashionistas rely on has slowly but surely made its way into home interiors too.

Bold hammer 4 door sideboard from Inliving
Bold hammer 4 door sideboard from Inliving

Making a Statement

If there is one colour that can make a powerful statement the hands down winner is black. “One of the ways of using black is on the doors or the windows. A black paint can make a plain door pop, especially when surrounded by white items. With this the doors become a focal point of your home and hence you can use the less decoration on the walls around them,” says Anjali Jain, Owner, Kala Drishti. Going bold with black keeps your space looking absorbing and helps simplistic decor stand out amidst the surroundings. “With a black wall you can have a wooden table or a white table and add decor pieces with a mix of black and white for symmetry. On the walls you can add mirrors, silver wall clocks, golden or silver wall art to create a gracious look,” says Chanda Narang, CEO Frazer and Haws. A black wall has the potential to be a showstopper. It can be elegant, refined and anything but dull when combined with elements that contrast and enhance its effect. Dipti Das, AVP-Design, HomeLane.com explains, “black cabinets in the kitchen lend an air of sleek sophistication, especially when teamed with lower level cabinetry in wood. Black granite is also a very popular choice for kitchen counters as it combines well with most cabinets, is very cost effective and is also very easy to wipe clean.”

Courtesy Shalimar paints
Courtesy Shalimar paints

Do it Right

Always consider black for your primary furnishings such as sofas or chairs and mix it with contrasting colours like white or light grey. Avoid using it alongside with darker shades of blue as this will make both colours look similar and prevent the black from standing out. Again you can go black in smaller doses layering it with shades of dark grey. A large volume of space allows for good use of black. “Playing with transparency and reflection of materials such as Black glass and stone in a double heighted area can create a simple but experiential space. Stairs are very poetic elements of design and using a solid black material for elements like that can help highlight the sculpted stairway,” avers Malcolm Daruwalla, Principal Architect, Seedle by DC Group. The best way to incorporate this colour is by choosing the right space. “Though it can be infused in any kind of setting but the right place will be effective to make a bold statement. Adding black in a brightly coloured interiors create a high impact. From painting your wall black to choosing black furnishings, all you need to do is create a right balance in a right space setting,” opines Ashish Gupta, Founder, Inliving.

Joe sideboard - Inliving
Joe sideboard – Inliving

Sleek Style

Black has a connotation of luxury and sophistication. Shibani Jain, Founder & CEO, Baaya Design advices, “incorporating black in interiors can be done by using black mirrors or walls can be defined with a dark charcoal grey, with stucco or other finishes. You can create a rock era interior or a more dramatic gothic interior. You can also choose black accessories, black and white paintings to go with this look if blackish walls are not your thing.” Minal Srivastava, VP, Marketing, Shalimar Paints Limited adds, “experiment with gradation. If one has a large, well-lit room, particularly one with high ceilings, one can go for gradation.  Paint the walls black up to about eye level, switch to a grey up to the ceiling and then finish off the room with a white ceiling to keep the balance.”

Courtesy: Shalimar paints
Courtesy: Shalimar paints

Contrast and Balance

When you are working with black, think bold. So if you have a black wall, then it becomes the focal point for that living space and add elements like indirect cove lightning and cosy furniture to create a defining look. Pankaj Jain, Managing Director, Realistic Realtors says, “brass, gold and beige apart shades of purple is also trending.” Namrataa Shetty, Co- Founder & design head, Da Namah Design Studio adds, “the furniture can also bring in the desired contrast, for instance, a bright headboard against a black bed wall.” Black is a colour that can be ‘wonderfully expansive’ as it has depth. Radeesh Shetty, The Purple Turtles says, “black finds its way to dark pendant shades matching the dining chairs which team well with inky window grills, along with a furry rug gives an interesting country vibe. A black chandelier twinkling with lights over a dining or bed creates a perfect starry setup.” So are you ready for the dark side?

Bold hammer 4 door sideboard from Inliving
Bold hammer 4 door sideboard from Inliving


  • Be bold do not make tiny patches and corners black.
  • Do not mix black with too many colours.
  • Use classy home decor pieces in silver and black to make the space look elegant.
  • In smaller rooms, opt for black accessories or furnishings.
  • Architect Nirav Shah, ACDS says, “always have a palette of 70:30, with black being 30 and pastel shades / vibrant primary shades as 70 to active balance.”

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