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Diwali Decor

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With Diwali being around the corner, it is time to give your home a festive makeover that is a great way to dress up your home as well.

If you are hosting a festive get-together this Diwali, make sure your home is ready to welcome your guests in style.

The festival of Diwali calls for cheer and celebrations and more. And what better way to celebrate Diwali than inviting over your friends and family to bring in the festive spirit together?

Pic: Rosemoore
Pic: Rosemoore

But Diwali celebrations are incomplete without the yearly ritual of deep cleaning your home and decorating it with the best of accessories that make your house look oh so beautiful!

From the prettiest of Diyas, bright fairy lights and elegant looking bed sheets that light up every corner of your house, the hunt for perfect accessories starts early on. The easiest way to make your house Diwali ready is by placing string or fairy lights across the windows along with beautifully lit T-light holders placed over a small floral rangoli. A few elegant art pieces and new lamps will also amp up the look of your homes.

While accessories do add a certain oomph to the look and feel of your house, how about revamp your room as well? A beautifully paired solid bamboo cotton sheet will surely make your space look and feel luxurious. Paired with printed pillows or patterned duvets to compliment the overall vibe is the go-to choice to elevate the home décor game this Diwali.

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