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Food Trends 2021

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As the tough year of 2020 draws to a close, food trends of 2021 draw largely from the changed circumstances we live in.

COVID-19 has changed everything in the world, including the way we eat, process and source food. Naturally then as we reach the end of what can be the most challenging year, it is time to crystal gaze at the food trend for the next year.


Mental Health Ingredients As an intense 2020 is almost over, we begin to look ahead with optimism of putting the past behind.

Pre-prepped Meal Kits Pre-prepped Meal Kits have picked up pace in the global market and are giving home chefs a real opportunity to further their culinary skills.

Return of Forgotten Grains Millets are making a big comeback to plates. To make them appealing to the younger generation, they are also getting a contemporary twist.

Immunity-boosting food People are consciously choosing to work out at home, meditating, exercising and are in turn choosing the right food which will boost their immunity.

Methi ka subzi with besan ka dhapka
Methi ka subzi with besan ka dhapka

Home cooked food Ever since the pandemic, people have started focusing more on health which has led them to switch from outside food to simple, nutritious and delicious home-cooked food.

Fanciful Desserts The year 2021 will see a return of fanciful desserts. It is all about enjoying the luxury of pampering yourself with dessert that’s not just sinful and tastes great; but one that looks fabulous too. “Therefore, Cococafe, the luxury bistro is ecstatic to be the epitome of ‘fanciful desserts’, offering decadent desserts inspired by the world’s most premium chocolate brands housed under their sister property, Cococart. From Godiva cookies to Valrhona chocolate dipped croissants; one can count on Cococart’s new venture CocoCafe, located in Colaba, Mumbai to vouch for some sinful goodness,” aver Karan Ahuja & Arjun Ahuja, Co-CEO, Cococart India.

Upcycled Food There will be an increased emphasis on food safety in terms of hygienic cooking processes and the kind of food that is consumed.

Mock Meats The growing consciousness of mindful consumption and healthy intake has prompted a change in the F&B landscape of the country in the last few years.

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