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Guilt Free Sweet Trip

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Weight and food are correlated. In fact, while desserts are the usual culprit where fingers point to, you can gain weight with excess rice, bread or even a salad that has generously dressed seasonings. So how do you indulge your sweet tooth and enjoy the year end festivities? Well, read on to know some tips to avoid weight gain.

Chocolate Matcha Truffle Forest courtesy Sante Spa Cuisine
Chocolate Matcha Truffle Forest courtesy Sante Spa Cuisine

The idea is to work on a calorie deficit pattern where you burn the calories in such a way that your intake is lesser than what you burn. A low carbohydrate dessert with all-natural ingredients will seldom cause weight gain. Insulin is an anabolic hormone, if the body needs less or no insulin to breakdown the foods then such foods will often not cause weight gain as well.

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