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Gut Friendly Recipes

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Gut health has recently acquired a newfound importance with people calling the gut your second brain.

The gut is a unique microbiome that impacts emotional well-being, building immunity and weight regulation. Gut health has become prominent over the years as it can be largely controlled by what you eat.

Remember that the gut is not something that gets affected by an occasional cheat day. A healthy gut is a step towards getting healthier and this happens by making relevant lifestyle choices.

Start your day with a good breakfast that contains fruits and end with a light dinner that has soups or baked dishes and vegetables. Loading up on fruits and vegetables and keep the focus to eat fresh produce.

Here are some recipes that ae good for your gut:

  • Raw mango kimchi, avocado, apple and mango salsa (courtesy Wayne Clark, Sous Chef at THE Park Chennai)
  • Mushroom and Leek Soup (courtesy Chef Balaji Natarajan, Executive Chef, Park Hyatt Chennai)
  • Bloat-Busting Pineapple Smoothie (courtesy Celebrity Nutritionist Shweta Shah, founder of EatFit 24/7)
  • Green Goodness Sandwich (courtesy Aditi Handa, Co-Founder & Head Chef, The Baker’s Dozen)
  • White Pumpkin, Mint and yoghurt cold soup (courtesy Deva Kumar, Executive Chef, Hyatt Regency Chennai)

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