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Holi Skin and Hair Care

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The festival of colors Holi is around the corner and while it’s all fun, remember that you need to take care of your skin and hair too.

The biggest challenge post Holi is removing the color stains and dryness. Splash your face with a lot of cold water and apply cleansing milk to remove excess colors. Follow it up with a gentle facial massage with some coconut oil allowing it to sit on your face for a bit and wash off with a mild foaming face wash. Those with acne prone or oily skin can substitute oil with aloe vera gel.

Turmeric Ginger - FBS - New Front Pic
Turmeric Ginger – FBS

One of the most common complaints is excessive hair loss after Holi.  The itching in the scalp is caused due to color debris and harsh chemicals present in the colors. The mantra is simple – use natural products and masks for your hair and skincare.

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