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Indestructible Immunity

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Natural immunity is often undermined as it is what protects us from every germ, bacteria and virus that we come in contact with.

Natural immunity is not only against one disease or ailment, but also against every anomaly of life which we confront unknowingly and is what helps the body stands tall in its response to ensure we are healthy and vibrant.

So, what is natural immunity? Simply explained it is the state of our being, a state of homeostasis which is a perfect equilibrium of our health, the organic unity, the organic soundness, and the oneness of our being in the orchestration of the entire functionality and every system organ being in tandem. So obviously natural immunity will always have precedence over externally supported immunity.

When you are exposed to viruses or bacteria naturally, your dose is often larger than the dose given in a vaccine. The natural immune response becomes greater in accordance with the symptoms.

Natural immunity in people who are affected with the COVID-19 infection is in fact much higher. This is because when you are infected with a particular disease, the infection provides and induces a range of immune responses.

Vaccine-induced immunity allows an individual to experience protection against severity of illness from COVID-19 without first being sickened by the virus.

Natural immunity can be attained by various means

  • Breath is fundamental to life, so breathing consciously throughout the day as many times  a day especially when you work out every day is programming the body to be functioning to the highest state of awareness making our body subservient to our will in terms of all the necessary voluntary and involuntary functions of the body which includes heart, digestion, assimilation of food, elimination of toxins, servicing our faculties, our circadian rhythm- our sleep-wake cycles, energy rest – repair- restoration so breath is  primary.
  • There is nutrition and it’s not just food before food nourishes you there are a lot many things that nourish you prior to that – Yes Pancha Mahabhuatas, the five elements nourish you well and these elements are of course after breath, sunlight. Because heat is – energy, life, creativity, sustenance of life forces. Take the example of Photosynthesis, that is how heat sustains life force on this earth. That’s how heat sustains life on this earth, so of course basking in the sun and exposing yourself a lot in the sun.
  • Then it comes to air, allowing air to soothe you, calm you, cool you, enlighten you, because air also carries intelligence, it also carries wisdom, it also carries inspiration, creativity, motivation, because air pervades and permeates at all.
  • Then we come to optimal movement therapies which you may call yoga, postures in poetry, functional training, you could give it various  names but every such training which is designed to work your body through movements and dimensions, stretching, contracting breathing, circulating, oxygenating gives you the inner strength , strength of the mind, strength of the will, it eases you from all your psychological and emotional stresses, gets you upbeat, it upregulates all your functions ,it upscales your energies and it upgrades your whole biochemistry for soundness and immunity.
  • Rest is important, recreation is important, dancing, singing, good health, sympathy, empathy, joy. These are very important aspects of human health and give rise to feel good hormones, like oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine, serotonin.
  • Sleep is extremely good to bring about a balance of wear and tear activity, passivity, repair, restore and bring the body back to ease from dis-ease, order from dis-order and most importantly allowing not the body to slide into decay and death, the ultimate culmination of degeneration of forces of this earth which we call entropy.

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