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Interview with actor Dipika Kakar

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Telly Queen


The popular show Sasural Simar Ka has been enjoying an uninterrupted run for over 5 years now and the face of the show Dipika Kakar has been playing the female protagonist all through. A versatile artiste she tells us more in this exclusive chat.


Dipika started her career in 2010 with the show Neer Bhare Tere Naina Devi and admits that becoming an airhostess was actually her childhood dream. “I remember that whenever anybody would ask me what I wanted to become, as a child, I would say I wanted to be an airhostess. I think the fascination was also due to the uniform. I really enjoyed wearing a saree and going to work. So I always wanted to become an airhostess because I would love wearing a saree and going to work. Though I ended up working with both Jet and Indigo which had girls only wearing skirts! But honestly, the experience of working as part of the cabin crew on flight was just amazing. If you take the training seriously it grooms you as a person, it trains you as a person and makes you very independent and strong.” However flying did not work out really well for her due to health reasons. “The artificial ambience did not suit me, so after around 3-4 years of flying I had to quit due to medical reasons. Once I was done with that, a very good friend of mine suggested that I should give TV a shot and my mother too was always keen that I try getting into acting someday. We were in Mumbai too at that time, so I had got my portfolio done and had sent it across.” This got her a call from Shakuntalam Telefilms, which eventually got her first break on Imagine TV. “That was around 8 months later since the time I started giving auditions. It was Dimpy Sinha who cast me and gave me my first break.”


Work Matters

After her first role where she played the lead went off air, Dipika was called by Zee for Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Na Kijo. She admits that being called by the channel calls was a very big thing and soon after Simar happened and she was very happy to play the title role. “Sasural Simar Ka undoubtedly has been a turning point in my career, in my life and in everything. I owe my fame and what I am today completely to Sasural Simar Ka. I don’t think I’ve enough words to express. I am grateful and it is a proud feeling because the hard work that I’ve put in, everything has been paid off in a tremendous manner. It is that part of my life which will never get over.” Dipika was also a contestant on Season 8 of the popular celebrity dance show Jhalak Dhikla Jaa and says that was a complete learning experience as although she is a person who loves dancing, she never had the opportunity to be trained formally. “So that is the time I actually learnt a lot physically it was very stressful as I used to finish 12 hours of shoot, then go to rehearse and again report to the sets the next day.” So how does she choose her work? “I actually never chose my work, I always believed that I’ll do everything that comes my way that I find it decent enough, that’s my only priority, my only criteria really.”

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