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Manasa, The National Conference on Art Craft & Design

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If art appeals to you, then a visit to Manasa, The National Conference on Art Craft & Design is something that should be on your agenda this weekend. This conference is the finale of a series of events by Art Mantram in the city. The conference aims to bring together practitioners and thinkers at the forefront of their fields to engage in how to create a better future for the city and the world. Each of the speakers and panelists has contributed to elevate, nurture and deepen experiences in their area of contribution. Manasa aims to re-fertilise their thoughts and yours by providing a platform for engagement on vitalising creativity in our society.

Jija Hari Singh
Jija Hari Singh

Jija Hari Singh, Managing Trustee, Art Mantram Trust explains, “the agenda at Manasa is composed of three panel discussions, and three addresses by prominent experts. The panel discussions include a session on ‘Reimagining Bangalore’ where the panel on design is composed of architects, activists and designers which seek to ask and answer questions on urban design. Indian Art on the Global Arena is a panel on art by artists, art promoters, sculptors, writers and policy makers. ‘Heritage vs Innovation; Old Hang-ups, New Start-Ups’ is a panel that brings together craft revivalists, fashion gurus, textile designers and activists. There is a resurgent consumer interest in the heritage of our crafts and textiles through the efforts of revivalists and those passionate.” The expert speakers include Laila Tyabji, a doyen of craft and its revival who will share her vision of the future and how to work together to create it. Ambassador Nirupama Rao, a diplomat par excellence, who now dedicates herself to endeavours in peace, music and academia will address the audience on the state of the world and how creative endeavour brings together to dream and envision a better future. Sujata Prasad who currently heads the project team of the ‘World Handmade Textile Biennale’ 2020 and is an author, curator, revivalist and former civil servant will speak of the future of handmade in an industrial and post-industrial society.

Laila Tyabji
Laila Tyabji

Yusuf Arakkal’s series ‘Faces of Creativity’ will also be the perfect backstop to this festival finale. It showcases the artistic endeavour of an artist in his prime celebrating other artists. It focuses on the people behind the brush, the chisel, the tool of media to draw attention to the minds that shape what is perceived. “The National Conference seeks to share thoughts of those who are creating best practice across the disciplines of Art Craft & Design. The aim and hope of Manasa is that it will inspire not just cross-pollination, but also those in other walks of life to contribute their efforts towards embedding sustainable futures for ourselves through creative endeavours, their own and by others. A robust conversation will start and ideas can flow into concretised action towards building up an image of Bangalore as a destination for art; building up Bangalore including at the grassroots level as a real destination for art,” adds Singh. Art Mantram was started by artists and professionals to promote patronage and awareness of art. Art nurtures creative souls, is an essential part of lifestyle and a great investment through the ages, however, artists have toiled to survive. “As a democratic society how we respond to art and its patronage is important. This influences all aspects of our culture. Art Mantram continues to work towards delivering our vision and mission. To this end and with respect to the festival of Art Craft & Design, we are seeking to make this an annual event, which will pollinate and energise Bangalore’s milieu,” concludes Singh.

  • What: National Conference on Art, Craft and Design
  • Where: Bangalore International Centre, Domlur, Bangalore
  • When: Saturday, 26th October, 2019. 9:00 AM to 2.30 PM

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