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The Many Moods of Makeup

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Pooja Khurana at work
Pooja Khurana at work

Makeup is something that must just be done right. If you over or under do it, the impact can be quite stressful for you. Again, makeup varies based on the occasion.  So if you are wondering how you can stay trendy in different situations read on as experts share their tips and tricks.

For a Brunch

A brunch is easily one time of the day that is always looked forward to and there is something so wonderful about being able to set your alarm clock later, spending a few more minutes in front of the vanity mirror and heading to a stress-free meal and a relaxing time. Swati Gupta, Creative Director, Bodycraft Salon & Spa, a certified makeup artist and hair stylist opines, “start with the daily routine of CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturising) and also make sure you have the sunscreen on. Foundation is not the real base of make-up, primer is. Available in gel, cream or powder, it helps make-up stay on longer, gives you a glow and smoothens the skin. Ensure you get yourself a light primer to avoid that cloggy feeling on your face and the fear of breaking out. Similarly, when looking for a foundation, choose a simple liquid foundation, which compliments your skin, is weightless and non greasy. For the eyes, get a look that is as nude and natural as possible. If you have an aging skin, avoid the use of glitter or shimmer. A softer tone of an eyeliner, like medium or light brown looks great or apply coloured liners which work great with nude eyes and add a fun element of contrast. The Kajal too should not be very dramatic and you can pick up subtle shades of browns, dark maroon, which is very in this season. Ensure that your mascara too is waterproof and not very sticky. Swap the contour powder for a natural, matt bronzer and emphasize the best parts of your bone structure your cheekbones, your jawline, for the slightest hint of colour and contour. Don’t forget to blend well and stay away from anything shimmery.”

Anurita Chandrappa_1

Anurita Chandrappa, an IMA certified Makeup Artist

For Work

When you are in a professional office space, there is always a question of whether to wear makeup or not and what is right. At work makeup means being presentable so the idea is to keep it ‘natural’. Remember that you have to keep it simple and stick to basics. Use a BB cream or a water-based foundation. Also always avoid loud lipstick shades or shimmer for a day/office makeup routine. Guinness World Record Holder Beauty Expert Ishika Taneja, Executive Director ALPS group avers “use gel based lip and cheek stain as it will make you look simple yet gorgeous and yet natural and not made up. Use a gel based liner to create the look at work and smudged with brush. You can define your eyes which give lush to your eyes on what you are saying and it does not give up made-up look again it works during the working hours. Use a highlighter on your cheekbones, nose bridge and brow bone as highlighter is must for going to work, highlighter gives you nice glow, can go with light highlighter as it gives you nice stain and perfect gloss. Do not use frosted eye make-up- frosted eye make-up is too much for your work place do not use colours like silver or metallic as it becomes overdone. Also avoid smoky eyes and do not use a lot of blush. Go easy on bronzing and do not change your face colour.”

Makeup looks for dinner - 2
Makeup looks for dinner

For Dinner

Dinner parties are an up, close and personal kind of affair, so your makeup should definitely look soft and pleasing to the naked eye. So make sure you are turned out right. “A smouldering smokey eye with soft lips and a dewy sheen is my current favourite trend look for dinner parties. I would advise that you play with rose golds on the eye lid and warm berry and plum tones along the crease line. For lips it’s best to go for a baby pink shade. It looks classy and elegant and yet adds a hint of sexiness. Most importantly, these tones go with most colours and styles of clothing. I would also say no to heavy lashes and stick to a few layers of mascara or light falsies at the ends. However what you can do is to use a liquid lipstick for long lasting, mixed with a lip balm for moisture, as the majority of liquid lipsticks leave your lips super dry. Do blend those smokey eyes well to give a soft focus finish. Do not go too dark and bold on the eye makeup. A dinner setting usually means dimmed lights and you do not want to look as though you have two black eyes! Do add a touch of highlighter along the tip of the cheek bones for a dewy finish. Remember that you must not add layers of foundation, it would take away the grace and softness from the whole look,” avers Pooja Khurana, Bespoke Makeup Artist.

For a Weekend Party

This could vary among personalities, but the one thing no girl can go wrong is with a pair of smouldering smokey eyes and nude lips. With your hair open or tied, this one will always be a classic. Regardless of what you wear, this makeup trend will always have your back. “As complicated as this may look in magazines and Instagram posts, it is actually really simple. The best hack to achieve this look is to use your kohl stick and randomly apply it on your eyelid (remember a little goes a long way) now use your fingers to smudge the kohl evenly across your eyelid, then you could always play around with colours, use black or brown coloured pressed powder and use a smaller tapered brush to tap on the product and press it on the kohl smeared area, now use a thicker brush to blend it all in, finish the eyes with some mascara and kohl. Add a pop of highlighter on the bridge of your nose, cupids bow, cheekbone and inner corner of your eyes (optional). To complete the look, use a bronzer to warm up your face and apply some nude lipstick. Use the setting spray generously all over the face to give you that dewy skin effect and voila, you are all set to rock the party,” says Anurita Chandrappa, an IMA certified Makeup Artist.

This story appeared in the May 2017 issue of New Woman magazine here: Shades N tresses – Makeup Trends

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