Review of Veeba’s Spreads and Dips

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Do you like cheese? Well if you don’t you are sure to have someone at home who does. The fact is that cheese has become such an intrinsic part of daily urban life that cheese becomes a saviour when you need to dish up something quickly. And if you have cheese in a dip or sauce form, it can really help you on a day when you have run out of ideas to dish something in a hurry. So when I was sent a hamper of products to review, I was quite excited. Veeba a leading sauce, dips and dressing company has launched cheese laden dips, sauces and spreads in five lip smacking variants that are perfect accompaniments to pizzas, pastas, burgers. The flavours include Cheese Jalapeno, Chilli and Cheese, White Pasta sauce, Chilli Mushroom and Ceaser Salad Dressing.


Cheese and Chilli Sandwich Spread MRP 89, 275 gm

Veeba’s Cheese and Chilli sandwich spread is a mix of Cheese and Chilli and is a delightful mix of flavours and is slightly tangy and works well on bread. If you are making burgers, you can also use this as a base.

Cheese & Mushroom Sandwich Spread MRP 94, 280 gm

This spread has an interesting flavour of cheddar cheese and mushroom that is a light and fluffy spread. This one works well as a sandwich spread and as a dip with Tortilla chips and Nachos.


Cheese n Jalapeno Dip MRP 119, 300 

The Cheese and Jalapeno dip is slightly thicker in texture and is great with chips and Nachos. Slightly spicy thanks to the jalapenos the cheese offsets the spiciness to create a nice dip.

White Pasta Dressing 285 gm, MRP 99

Who does not love pasta? And if you have kids at home, this one works like a charm. This white pasta sauce is the perfect accompaniment to your pastas whether Penne, Fusilli or Farfalle and add a dash of vegetables and the pasta is ready in a jiffy.

Ceaser Salad Dressing 300gm, MRP 129

And if you love salads, the Ceaser Salad dressing which is 100% vegetarian and 77% fat free and completely gluten free works as a charm.


Veeba’s dips and spreads are great and comfort food at their best. If you want to know more check out their entire range here.

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