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Shankranti Home Decor Ideas

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The dawn of the New Year always coincides with Shankranti, the first major festival of the year which celebrates the beauty and love of nature, being a harvest festival. The ‘back to roots’ connect that this occasion invokes is a sort of thanksgiving to nature’s bounty and is the perfect time to give your home a spanking new look inspired by the festival. And we tell you exactly how you can do just that.

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Tradition Beckons

When it comes to setting up home to give festive feel of Sankranti, the evergreen idea is to make beautiful and ornate drawings and patterns on the ground with chalk or flour through the traditional Rangoli at the entrance of your home. Alternately artificial/ acrylic rangoli stickers or floor murals work well to enhance the festive look too. “Make a floral statement with varied flowers available from the market. Let the freshness and fragrance of these beautiful flowers boost the festive spirit. Go traditional by using the customary oil lamps or diyas. Paper lanterns, colorful kites, fancy ribbons, and candles are another easy way of adding charm to the living space. The festival is marked by feasts and bonfires, so it is the best time to call over near and dear ones for an outdoor night party, full of music, fairy lights. Serve them in style is another aspect you must be mindful of; this should also figure as part of your home décor planning. The dining table of your house must look ready for the occasion. Ensure thoughtful arrangement of sweets and snacks, probably on a gold or silver plated bowl or trays. Support the look with eye-catching candle holders,” advices Amardeep Gulri, Founder, Deco-Arte. This festival is the perfect time to deck up your home. “It is a great idea to introduce colored fabrics in the form of interesting pillow covers or a throw. Having brass accents in the home with colorful potpourri is an unexplored yet interesting decor accent. Do avoid having multiple decor accents in a single room, do not have clashing color schemes in a single area,” says Shibani Dasgupta Jain, Founder and CEO, Baaya Design.


Do the New

Terrariums are among the most prevalent festive trend of the year and perfectly complement any room in a house and also are inexpensive and easy-peasy to maintain. “They come with too many variations and styles while you can place them, hang them, fill them or paint them as per your aspiration. Printed Terracotta tiles provide an earthy and matte look to the place which gives a chic and contemporary look to even ordinary spaces. So, one can use different kind of tiles and can make pavers, table coasters or some wall art out of it,” says Gulri. Mixing colors with metal is going to be big for this festive season. Think hot pink orchids floating in a simple copper urli as an entryway decor idea. Sagar Datta, Head Designer, Casa interio explains, “being a colourful festival, incorporate application of bright colours in your home. Maintaining the traditional appeal of this Hindu festival, one can incorporate a lot of Indian contemporary design ideas. Get different types of clothes in different colours and types like netted, velvet and sequence that can be used to decorate walls and the entrance of the house.”


Go Natural

As a festival that heralds new beginnings and has an inextricable connection with nature, it is time to ring in the new. Jalaj Anand, Creative Director, Frazer and Haws avers, “one can light up the house with diyas and make a rangoli, just like you would on Diwali. Sankranthi marks the start of an auspicious phase for Hindus so any new start like building or redecorating your home is a good idea. Since it also marks the onset of spring, one can choose decor pieces inspired by nature.” Mrinmayee Kundalia, Owner & Creative Director, TUNI Tales adds, ”bright colours, kites and new beginnings is what comes to mind when I think of Shankranti. Brining that festive spirit to the home, I suggest a change up in table linen as the most fun way to celebrate. Yellows and oranges are close to this festival. Toss up the table linen with fun runners, mats, napkins. Paired with seasonal flowers and plants, the home can look bright, fresh and signify new beginnings. With festive sweets and food taking centre stage, team it with bright handmade linen.”  It is a good idea to try using colourful napkins and fold them in fun kite shapes to bring in the festive feel. Paper lanterns are another easy way of adding charm to the living space. So go ahead in full force this Shankranti to give your home a festive makeover.

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Easy Tips

  • Use earthy and nature shades with a dash of yellow and orange while adding home accents.
  • Everything need not match, avoid trying to match the linen to the serve ware and definitely take into account the colour the food will bring to the said table.
  • Try double napkin settings and surprise loved ones with a bright breakfast table in bed, with kite folded napkins.
  • Do not overdo the space with too much vibrancy, always ensure that there is harmony maintained.
  • Use colours to balance the atmosphere of your home.
  • Do not use too much hand crafted elements that will be wasted later.
  • Try to use your energy and creative skills in decorating your home with one hand made art that can sustain for various other reasons after the festival.

This story appeared in Deccan Herald’s Homes & Interiors dated 11th Jan 2018 here.

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