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What is the first thing you notice when you enter a spa or a salon? Well it is the decor and the interiors that make the first connect. Being spaces that you go to relax and pamper yourself, tastefully designed interiors can be an immediate turn on in a spa or a salon. Naturally well thought of designs and arty spaces are a must for creative a stunning visual impact. Over the years, spas and salons have somehow relatively merged their styling techniques since nowadays, both are looked upon as a ‘rejuvenation space’. However, they might use same elements of design but they still manage to have diverse perspectives of purpose.

Do it right

Spa design is about creating a sense of place, one that can be otherworldly but also rooted in the location, the culture and customs. “Working with a spa consultant, our goal is to create a long lasting design and decor that’s also highly functional and flexible and compliments and heightens the treatments offered and the guest experience,” says Sagar Datta, Casa Interio. Digital print is the new cool so make laminates a canvas and let the imagination run wild. Laminates can be customized according to your selection with any design, texture, picture or even a favourite quote. “Customized laminates are getting really popular at elite salons nowadays since they enhance the beauty of the interior. If one wants to go out of the box and make a salon really stylish, then they can decorate the walls with a particular type of customization – to go with the nail art, hair styling or the massage space – with bold nail and lip colours or even hair trends,” says Parul Mittal, Director Marketing & Design of Greenlam Industries Ltd.

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Let there be light

Salon’s need good task lighting for effective working and great princess style mirrors for a larger than life feel. Spas also need dim and adjustable lighting, candles and fresh flowers for a relaxed feeling. “In case of spa, we need soft lighting. It needs to be low on brightness. Whereas in case of salons, we need sharp focus lighting that brightens the environment and adds clarity and power to the space,” says Datta. Having different lighting circuits for changing the mood at the switch of a button helps too. Pooja Bihani, Founder and Principal Designer, Spaces and Design adds, “the lighting, the art on the walls apart from good soothing music and great fragrance are the key elements in uplifting the mood of the clients inside spa and salons. One enters these establishments for feeling and changing for the better, physically and emotionally.”


Splash of Colour

Giving a theme to a salon is another alternative since it creates a dramatic environment. One can go for a Vintage theme, an artsy or a Bollywood one. Colourful abstracts, modern art and feminine paintings with florals are what give a salon an aesthetic, artsy and relaxing feel. Colours are an instant way to connect with guests and naturally it is important to choose them wisely. “In case of spas, we need to use earthy shades that somehow relate to nature and beauty whereas in salons, we should use bright colours because it manages to collaborate well with varying beauty product palettes or preferably white, since it allows maximum enhancement and focus opportunity,” says Datta. Make a bold statement with contrasting colours, oversized mirrors and “statement lighting.” Furniture is an important element in overall decor and it is important to pick simple and functional pieces. Furnishings can be used in line with the overall theme of the interiors. Bihani advices, “have smart signage’s, positive self image messages on walls, cladding on all walls for longevity, aesthetics and easy maintenance.” Depending on the theme, walls can be covered, accessorized and furnished.  This enhances the appeal of a salon and makes it glamorous. Bright and contrasting colours add to the entire feel of the spa and salon. Oversized mirrors help to create an expansive feel. “Along with luxuriant interiors, statement lighting gives a cutting-edge vibe to the space. It is also advisable to follow the modern day designing techniques to stay trendy and classy at the same time.  In order to enhance customer experience Salons and Spa must accessorize just as much to keep it innovative and beautiful,” says Mayukh Ray, General Manager of Raichak On Ganges. Adding a pop of colour to a monochromatic theme always works, such as adding a red couch in the waiting area in an all white reception.

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Trend Check

The biggest trend has been ‘acceptance’ of the fact that now; both spaces are paying attention to enhance and modernize their décor & design appeal which did not happen before. In case of salons, we are seeing them to be more like western countries in their setup, space utility and equipment. In case of spas, they are becoming more subtle and diverting towards ‘Zen’ or ‘Buddha’ theme. Holographs, Checks, Chevrons and Ginghams are making a mark this season. “Covering drawers and cabinets in monochrome chevron dedicating one section of the walls to Candy floss pink, Tangerine and Russian red kisses on a white background is what gives an interior a young and peppy look. Customization is all about doing the new. But, give the new a hint of old and take it back to the 60s – with polka dots, bold stripes, checks and plaid. Another trend of the 60s were – earth tone colours, moss green, earthy browns, mustard yellow, and burnt orange. Contrast and fit these colours to the furniture, like a mocha cream sofa with leaf green walls, a vase or even wall hangings,” avers Mittal. Wall hangings have become the next trend in spa and salon décor keeping the floor spacious and clean. So the next time you are in a spa or salon, don’t miss the interiors – after all they add to the experience too!


  • Pick a theme that reflects your salon or spa’s mission, location, target audience and market.
  • Choose paint colours that capture the essence of your salon’s theme.
  • Select a style synonymous with your salon or spa’s demographics.
  • Keep windows free of hanging plants.
  • Keep your retail display clean, de-cluttered and inviting.

This story appeared in the May 2017 issue of Style Speak Magazine here: SS May 2017

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