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Space Savers in your Home

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Making space in homes is easier than you think. Using your imagination to create nooks and corners for storage is a great way to make space.

  1. Buy furniture that comes with inbuilt storage. This could be a sofa with storage under the seat that can be used to store anything from books to upholstery.
  2. If you have a stairway in your living room use the space below the stairs to build storage. You can make compartments within the space below to store a variety of stuff.
Whitefield Design Cafe
Whitefield Design Cafe
  1. Use the walls to make storage units as these will ensure that the floor area is clear. Also make sure that the aesthetics of the wall are maintained by designing the storage in varying levels.
  2. You can have a sofa that converts into a bed which works well when you have guests as well.
  3. Instead of having storage spaces that are bulky opt for elongated and slim pieces of storage that do not occupy much space. Make sure you have different kinds of compartments so that you can fit differently shaped things inside.

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