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Storage Ideas For Your Home

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Your home is the place where you keep everything important that matters to you. Naturally it is important that each item has a designated place so that you can organise what matters right. This is where storage solutions can help by being both effective and efficient.

Store right

Increasing urbanization has led to serious space crunch be it residential units or working space. With decreasing size of residential spaces, organizing all those bits and bobs lying around the house, including the items that are no longer in use but too dear to discard is a major challenge. “A smart way is to use the item that not only serve its basic utility but also helps de-clutter the chaos strewn around. One can use space saving modular storage options along with flexibility of utility and type/range of storage. Underbed storages makes for great storage solutions and depending on the items to be organized, one can go for either single or queen bed, the same can also accommodate a sliding dog bed for your little flat mates. Side Tables for storing regular items along with drawer space for wallet, mobile, books and so on; Chest of drawer for storing clothes, accessories and other standard stuff are other options for convenient storing. Storage Ottoman is another great option with multiple uses- serving as extra seating, a foot rest, or even a coffee table when required. Wall hung cabinets for storing electronic appliances including Television and other entertainment units also saves space and helps organize all electronic items at one place,” says Neerav Jain, Founder and CEO,

Belle wardrobe and Chest of drawers

Room Story

Each room and space in your home is a place where you can create varied storage solutions. Shubhra Chadda, Co-Founder Chumbak says, “our storage solutions can be placed in kitchens to store dry items, on dressers to store jewellery, on office desks or even in living rooms to ramp up the look of these spaces with these unique designs.” A lot of innovation in space management is being used now to accommodate the same stuff in lesser space. The biggest trend is the rise of multifaceted furniture which double-up as storage solutions, sliding shelf that also functions as a room separator, corner carousels or swing trays that aptly utilize the tricky corners of your kitchens. “With a creative designer, right hardware solution and of course money, the possibilities are endless. Space below stairways is the most common space which can be smartly used for storage. Other than this, tall units can be designed in a manner that they use minimum space horizontally and give easy access to storage units through the use of right hardware. Similarly, interior (room) doors that can also conceal shelves behind it, or selves that cover the space between the wall and awkwardly placed pillars are other interesting options one may opt for,” says Shyam Motwani, Executive Vice President and Head of Business, Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems.

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Get Creative

Storage solutions can be created in almost all rooms in a home. To add more storage you need to use clever designs, if you get creative, you can maximize even the most miniscule sliver of space. Anushka Anand, Interior Architect, House of Oya says, “the wasted space under the can be converted to drawers to add storage. This can especially double as shoe drawers in the house. The space behind a full-length mirror can be utilized to store jewellery. Tuck a skinny shelf into any unused bathroom space or like a jar and spice tray in a kitchen. Ottomans can have storage space inside them while still serving their purpose of a seat.” Study desks can be really unsightly and when it comes to smaller apartments, make sure you keep it neat and tidy. Else opt for a hidden study that won’t interfere with the rest of the room’s decor and neatly closes itself as a cupboard. “Add to it all the storage that you get and you have the perfect solution for your tiny apartment. Cover an entire wall with a bookshelf or display cabinets to take care of your collectables. Open racks take lesser space than covered ones but need tidying up more often,” says Architect Ateet Vengurlekar, Blue Arch Architects. Minnie Bhatt, Interior Designer, Minnie Bhatt Design, adds, “furniture for all areas of smartly chosen and planned can accommodate a good amount of storage. Even coffee tables and side tables of a living room space can have storage drawers. Wall panelling with some depth can be created to house miscellaneous things. Camouflaging a nook in the wall with panelling and creating a storage space is one such idea. Decorative chests can also be used for storage while also serving as a decorative piece in a space.”

Belle Single bed with storage

Making Space

Typically a 2.5 to 3 feet space on the wall behind any room door is left unused. This is an interesting and clever space to create storage solutions. “Building horizontal metal/wooden racks behind the door allows for easy storage of magazines, newspaper, leaflets etc. It also saves space from having to stack magazines in drawers or cupboards. Dining tables by themselves are fascinating pieces of furniture to store cutlery and linen. Thin pull out drawers on the dining table allow for storage of daily use linen and cutlery,” advices Mrinmayee Kundaliya, Founder & Owner, TUNI Tales. Shezaan Bhojani, CEO, Design Cafe adds, “have a dresser unit with storage and electrical points within. You can also have mirror on inner surface of a wardrobe shutter with electrical points inside for better usage. Cutlery hanging hooks on inner surface of shutter, chopping board within a drawer with telescopic channel, ironing board within a drawer with telescopic channel and laundry baskets within the drawers are good ways to store.” So if you were wondering how and where to organise your things, well help is here – get ready to get organised!


  • Use vertical spaces.
  • Scale down shelves according to their function.
  • Use multifunctional furniture.
  • Think in inches, not feet.
  • Use expandable units.
  • Always utilize the corners, install shelves that make good use of the nooks and corners.

This story appeared in the 22nd Sep 2017 issue of Deccan Herald’s Homes & Interiors here:


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