Swiss Carnivals

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Switzerland is known for its myriad festivals and if you happen to be in the country at this time you can be part of the fun.

Chalandamarz (Feb 28th – Mar 1st)

Celebrated in several villages across Switzerland, this is a festival that chases the winter away. The festivities are by children shaking cowbells, chanting, rattling and whip cracking. Singing typical Chalandamarz songs, masked boys chase girls with dried pig bladders that look like small balloons as part of the fun activities.

Lucerne Easter Festival (17th -25th March, 2018)

This festival happens two weeks before Easter through Palm Sunday is an ode to sacred music. This is when the sound of music reverberates through concerts in Lucerne’s stunning churches. The festival sees the coming together of orchestras, conductors and expert soloists.

Sechsaulauten in Zurich (April 16th, 2018)

Zurich celebrates its traditional spring festival Sechseläuten with a “Böögg”, a 3.4m high snowman whose head is filled with fireworks. Olaced on 10m high pyre and local legend has it that the faster the fire reaches the snowman’s head to explode, the better the summer will be. Processions by children in period costumes followed by the members of the guilds.

International Jazz Festival Bern (March to May)

This two-month long festival sees a congregation of top jazz performers from across the world. The opening night of March 12th features a performance by Joey DeFrancesco with The Swiss Jazz Orchestra.

Interlaken Classics (March and April 2018)

Among the oldest classical music festivals in Switzerland, this Spring Festival rings the talent of young musicians from across the world to the forefront. The festival offers both residency of the orchestras and master classes for the concerts.

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