Spice Route

Spicejet’s Destinations

We look at some of Spicejet’s destinations and tell you what you can see and do to explore their culture, history, heritage, tourism and spirituality. Delhi The capital city continues to hold fort as a destination that has much to see and do. History buffs will love the city as there are several monuments here… Read More Spicejet’s Destinations


Bhopal’s Begum History

The Begums of Bhopal make the city what it is which is a medley of sights and sounds like no other. The first time I heard of Bhopal was as a child when the unfortunate gas tragedy happened. Even though I understood very little of what had happened, it somehow remained with me as something… Read More Bhopal’s Begum History

The Tribune

Bhopali Cuisine

Bhopal’s food culture is an interesting smorgasbord of choices inspired from its chequered past that will leave you asking for more. While Indian royalty is most often associated with kings and their valour, Bhopal is a little different. Well, after all, this place always had the Begums who used to look after administration and the… Read More Bhopali Cuisine


Jehan Numa Retreat Bhopal – Review

How does it feel if your resort has a room that has a private sit out space that overlooks into an organic garden? Well, what could be more wonderful right? I was lucky to experience this first hand on a recent visit to the Jehan Numa Retreat, a beautiful resort located on the fringes of… Read More Jehan Numa Retreat Bhopal – Review


Chakra Spa at Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

After days of hectic travelling, I was particularly looking forward to a rejuvenating break and relieving my aching muscles. And I found out that what better way than to do that by visiting the Chakra Spa at a regal 19th century residence, the Jehan Numa Palace in Bhopal a rare combination of traditional and contemporary… Read More Chakra Spa at Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal


Palace Hotels in India

India is known for its royal past and rich regal history replete with kings and queens and palaces. Changing times however, have meant that a lot of these palaces have been given a contemporary twist by being converted into hotels. This gives people a great insight into the regal past of the royals in a… Read More Palace Hotels in India