Spice Route

Dubai Beyond The Burj Khalifa

The many facets of Dubai go much beyond its iconic landmark the Burj Khalifa that makes the city a potpourri of interesting experiences. Think Dubai and its glitzy sky scrapers come to mind almost instantly. However the cosmopolitan city has several sights that go beyond them revealing a culturally rich, gastronomically vibrant and pulsating adventurous… Read More Dubai Beyond The Burj Khalifa


Celebrating Eid in Dubai

Eid in Dubai is all about fun, food, shopping and basically spending time with the family. Festive times are always about good vibes and in Dubai there are actually not one but two Eid holidays for Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha. Eid Al Fitr which means festival of breaking the fast signals the… Read More Celebrating Eid in Dubai

Sakal Times

Green Planet Dubai – A Rainforest Experience

The Green Planet in Dubai is a rainforest in the Arabian Desert complete with an ecosystem to match. It is an unusually rainy day as I make my way into the 150 feet tall glass building that houses The Green Planet in Dubai. As I duck the rain and rush into my destination The Green… Read More Green Planet Dubai – A Rainforest Experience