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The Return of Home Chefs

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Home chefs have come on their own during the lockdown as they have upped their game delivering tasty dishes giving restaurants a run for their money.

One of the key reasons, home chefs choose to deliver and monetise their kitchen skills was the fact that offices have mostly been shut with staff not being paid in many cases. For many home chefs the pandemic has given them an opportunity to follow their heart and convert that into a small-time business as well.

Safety is priority in home kitchens as Royston Roshan Pinto, Founder & CMO, The next Door Kitchen, Bengaluru says, “we are a speciality Mangalorean style kitchen. We source seafood and meat from Mangalore from our trusted sources. The meat and the ingredients are washed thoroughly with salt water before use. Alongside, we ensure our team members maintain a hygienic kitchen space that stands for the brand name. We have assigned our own trained delivery staff, to ensure the food reaches to our customers safely.” Next on the cards is an app that he hopes to develop to accept orders.

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