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Yosha Gupta, CEO & founder of MeMeraki

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MeMeraki is a platform for Indian arts and artisans and is making a compelling case for art to remain relevant and contemporary.

Being from a family of entrepreneurs, Gupta grew up in Aligarh. After spending her growing years with a typical small-town life in Aligarh, she studied in MGD Jaipur, completing bachelor’s in economics from LSR, an MBA from MDI Gurgaon and also a master’s in finance from HKUST in Hong Kong.

Yosha with an artist
Yosha with an artist

MeMeraki started quite serendipitously as a passion project because of this deep love for traditional art as a hand painted artisanal brand, with the difference that our artists were always the heroes of the brand.

The business is now very focused on masterclasses with authentic heritage artists and artisans. Considering that India has more than 3000 heritage arts and crafts and the mission is to enable all these arts to be online through the platform, the team tries to find new artists and artisans across different arts and crafts every month.

Read the full story that first appeared in Seema Weekly Magazine dated Feb 7, 2022 here:

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