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Chef Gaggan Anand’s New Restaurant and More

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The name Gaggan Anand immediately conjures a sense of respect that goes far beyond culinary circles. And rightly so. After all, Gaggan has been awarded two Michelin stars and topped Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list for four years in a row. Easily the most celebrated Indian chef, he has always known to chart his own trajectory and a part of his life story has been dramatized in Netflix’s Chef’s Table too.

The restaurant run by Chef Gaggan Anand ©Gaggan Anand
The restaurant run by Chef Gaggan Anand ©Gaggan Anand

Opening his new restaurant Gaggan Anand last year was not easy considering his own reputation and standard of food that was served at his restaurant ‘Gaggan’. However, he had some things clear which ensured that he could pull it off in a few months.

I have been fortunate to speak to Chef Gaggan on two occasions in the past and he has always been approachable and shared his thoughts. Read my other interviews here and here.

Read the full interview that first appeared in Lonely Planet here:

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