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Fitness Trends 2023

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New resolutions are often tied around fitness and if you are looking to up your fitness game this year, we list the trends that are likely to shape how the world will stay fit.

Animal Routine Fitness
Animal routine fitness work your shoulders, hips, wrists, and ankles through a full range of motion and improve mobility, coordination, core strength, and mindfulness in movements too. The most common animal-inspired movements include crab reach, inchworm, bear crawl, ape walk, and the like.

Exercise for Mental Wellness
Negative thoughts creating, negative emotions and negative emotions creating similar (negative) feelings and negative feelings again creating more negative thoughts. Now another way to look at this – think of blood as a supply chain/ distribution system because it carries all the essentials that we require to run this body. Now when the blood has stopped going to other parts of the body that’s when other problems start coming up, for example – constipation, body pain, diabetics, kidney problems, PCOD etc. If we dig deep and find the source then we will get only one result – Stress. Stress can be managed with the help of daily practice of Yoga which is an ancient Indian technique to bring balance in 5 dimensions i.e. physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and intellectual. It’s never too late to bring the harmony back into our system/body.

Wearable Technology
Fitness today is all about making personal and customised routines and this is where wearable devices are coming to the forefront.

Dance your way to fitness
Dancing and Zumba are both popular forms of exercise that have become increasingly popular in recent years.
App way to Fitness

App based fitness is a trending way to stay fit amongst people especially among the Gen Z. After the pandemic and the aftermath of lockdown, virtual fitness apps picked up the streak like never before.

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