Samatvam Pure by Anjali Bhaskar

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Samatvam By Anjali Bhaskar, has launched Samatvam Pure, a collection that uses eucalyptus, orange, banana and aloevera plant fibers.

Anjali Bhaskar of the brand Samatvam by Anjali Bhaskar
Anjali Bhaskar of the brand Samatvam by Anjali Bhaskar

Vegan seems a word that has taken the world by storm. And no this is not about food. This is about fashion and clothes with plant based ethically sourced fabrics being used to design garments. Samatvam by Anjali Bhaskar’s new line Samatvam Pure is made from natural fibers making the clothes environmentally friendly and 100 percent vegan.

Samatvam by Anjali Bhaskar
Samatvam by Anjali Bhaskar

Anjali Bhaskar, Founder, Samatvam by Anjali Bhaskar admits she had a creative bent of mind growing up as she dabbled with sketching, painting, trousseau packing and bedcover designing. “I have had no formal training in fashion and chose the uncommon path of learning on the job, journeying through every minor detail and its process. The most important lesson I have learnt is that in the process of designing, it’s all in the details.” Once she armed herself with fashion business knowledge, she launched her label in 2010. “I wanted to offer a blend of age-old techniques with modern silhouettes for the millennials. Samatvam caters to a crowd which appreciates subtlety along with richness in details. Our clothes are an extension of our aesthetics and these are reflected in our designs, styles, embroidery and even in our craftsmanship.”

Read the full story that first appeared in The New Indian Express dated Jan 31, 2021 here:

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