Killer Jeans

February 13, 2024 Bindu 0

Killer Jeans is a brand that is an Indian public limited company that has ruled the market with its eclectic collections since 1989. As a […]

Apparel Trends 2024

February 13, 2024 Bindu 0

Fashion and apparel trends in 2024 are set to blur the scapes of present, past and future in the predicament for stability. The onset is […]

Peekaboo Patterns

January 9, 2022 Bindu 0

Chennai based Peekaboo Patterns, focuses on all thing’s children, from décor to clothes and more, they have children at heart. Started as a unique concept […]


April 23, 2021 Bindu 0

An apparel trend that has been around several hundreds of years, dungarees are making a steady comeback into functional wardrobes. Dungarees are all about comfort […]

Samatvam Pure by Anjali Bhaskar

January 31, 2021 Bindu 0

Samatvam By Anjali Bhaskar, has launched Samatvam Pure, a collection that uses eucalyptus, orange, banana and aloevera plant fibers. Vegan seems a word that has […]

Indi Collage and Samprada

October 28, 2020 Bindu 0

Indi Collage an exhibition space for designers is making conversations around colourful dialogues focusing on the products, story, art and brand of apparel a reality. […]

Chhapa: Making a Mark

October 26, 2020 Bindu 0

Chhapa is a brand that works with artisans and uses hand block printing techniques to give a contemporary spin to tradition. The apparel industry may […]


KANELLE by Kanika Jain

March 6, 2020 Bindu 0

KANELLE, a women centric brand that makes clothing that are stylish, effortless and easy to wear ensembles. Kanika Jain, Founder & Creative Director, KANELLE created […]

Ayurganic by Lecoanet Hemant

Ayurganic by Lecoanet Hemant

December 19, 2019 Bindu 0

Ayurganic by Lecoanet Hemant is a label that epitomizes all things environment with clothes that are sustainable and based on the principles of Ayurveda. Lecoanet […]

Children Apparel

November 19, 2019 Bindu 0

The children apparel market is expanding and is growing at an average CAGR of 8% to 9% per annum that augurs well for the segment. […]