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24 Mantra Organic

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24 Mantra Organic by Sresta has been a frontrunner in the space of all things organic and the work started over 17 years ago is more relevant today than ever before.

24 Mantra Organic by Sresta was born with a vision to make a sustainable living for farmers as well as to create a healthy lifestyle for consumers by providing safe, healthy and pure food products.


Raj Seelam, Founder and MD, 24 Mantra Organic by Sresta started the company in 2004.In these last 16 years, the company has explored many categories where they can provide a complete organic range with over 200 SKUs and have loyal customer base of over 1 million families in India and another 1 million families  across the 50 other countries they export to.

Sresta follows rigorous practices and procedures to ensure that all their methods – growing, harvesting storage, grain cleaning, natural fumigation, milling, aseptic processing, and dehydration, canning and individually quick frozen are done without use of any chemicals. To ensure the products adhere to strict organic standards, the company has evolved a robust five level check system to ensure that the produce is genuinely organic. This involves social control through group behaviour, regular field visits by the team, cross inspections of every farm, every season (which is roughly about 80000 inspections), inspections by certification agencies and pesticide residue tests.

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