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Choose To Challenge – Women in Architecture

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Women are making their mark in the field of architecture and design, chartering a trajectory that is their own.

Come March and the palpable buzz around International Women’s Day gets louder. And women who need no one day to celebrate their femininity are breaking gender stereotypes by becoming entrepreneurs in sectors that were traditionally male driven. We speak to three such women to understand their journey and the lessons they learnt as part of it.

Courtesy: The KariGhars
Courtesy: The KariGhars

Aashita Chadha, CFO & Co Founder, The KariGhars

Aashita has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics from the University of Pune. Before co-founding The KariGhars, she worked as an engineer in reputed IT firms like Tata Consultancy Services.

Ar. Shivani Khanna, Co- founder & Principal Architect, Studio Crypt

As Co-Founder and Principal Architect at Studio Crypt, Shivani has a vast body of experience as an institutional and residential architect.

Sujata Chitalwala, Principal Designer at Designers Group

Designers Group is a leading hospitality design firm in India and Sujata was initially trained as a textile designer who graduated in Interior Designing from Rachna Sansad college.

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