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Dark Chocolate – Immunity Booster

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The food of the Gods, chocolate in its dark version is considered to be an immunity booster too.

The bittersweet taste and superfood quality of dark chocolate makes it an exceptional ingredient that caters to sweet cravings along with imparting immunogenic and other health benefits.

And while chocolates make a great gift for the upcoming festivals, online rakhi to India can also be a great option for sending gifts.

According to a study published in the US National Institute of Health, ‘Cocoa has been revealed as a food with immunoregulatory properties.’ Raw, organic cacao is an undervalued gem that can be utilized in multiple forms to gain benefits.

The best way is to consume it directly and feel the boost you get. This rich superfood can make you feel better than a cup of coffee or pastry could do.

Read the full story with a couple of interesting recipes here:

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