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Dubai Coffee Museum

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The aroma of coffee is like no other and it was this wafting scent that attracted me to Dubai’s coffee museum.

Located in a modest looking building, the museum is small and yet manages to encapsulate the journey of the coffee beans quite succinctly. The history of coffee is as fascinating as the drink itself and it is believed to have started in the Ethiopian highlands many hundreds of years ago.

An exhibit at the Dubai Coffee Museum
An exhibit at the Dubai Coffee Museum

According to the legend of Kaldi (an Ethiopian goatherd), coffee was discovered when his goat ate some unknown berries and there was a notable change in its behavior as it had become very alert through the night. Worshippers in the local monastery then made a brink with these berries that helped them stay awake in the night due to the long hours of prayers.

This discovery soon started spreading and reached the Arabian Peninsula where the Arabs discovered the new drink coffee and took it around the world. Coffee today is grown all over the world from the islands in the Caribbean, Pacific, Asia, Africa and South America. All of these can trace their heritage to the ancient coffee forests in the Ethiopian plateau.

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