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Goan Recipes

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Goan cuisine is characterized by its unique blend of flavors, influenced by Portuguese, Hindu, and Muslim cultures. It is known for its spicy and tangy taste, the use of coconut, seafood, and kokum as key ingredients.

The coastal state of Goa is known for its unique cuisine that largely comprises seafood, being on the Arabian sea. Some of the most popular dishes include mackerel fish, shark, tuna, pomfret, and king fish. Being a Portuguese colony until the 1960’s there is a heavy influence of the same on the food as well.

The traditional Goan Prawn curry reflects Goa’s historic past and confluence of cultures. The recipe brings together a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese influences that defines a significant part of the Goan culinary landscape.

Xacuti in Veg or chicken is popular in every Goan home. Every restaurant in Goa has a Xacuti on their menu. Assad is a Goan roast dish which comes in both varieties of pork and beef. The meaning of Assad is itself a roast. It’s a Portuguese influenced dish which was brought to India.

Here are some recipes for you to try:

  • Goan Prawn Curry with Raw Mango courtesy Edridge Vaz, Sous Chef, Taj Resort & Convention Centre, Goa
  • Vegetarian Xacuti courtesy Sohel Rana Molla, Executive Chef, Amger, Goa
  • Pork Assad courtesy Pawan Kumar, Executive Chef, Aloft Bengaluru Outer Ring Road

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