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Gut Health

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Gut health impacts not just physical health but can also play an important part in mental wellbeing.

We have more than 1,00,000 billion microbes in our intestine. Some foods that can improve gut health are yogurt, buttermilk, almonds, berries, citrus fruits, bananas and others.

Gut friendly food
Gut friendly food

Ayurveda recommends herbs like long pepper, black pepper, dry ginger powder to be used as a seasoning for all foods. For sluggish bodies and people who put on weight easily can benefit from strong herbs like cloves and peppers. Melatonin is proven to affect intestinal motility and aid secretion of intestinal enzymes.

A healthy gut can control appetite and weight, moderate metabolism, enhance absorption of vital nutrients and help to manage anxiety depression, Irritable bowel syndrome, and prevent several neurological disorders.

Gut friendly food
Gut friendly food

Latest researches have proven there is strong relation between depression and gut as well. So, keep your bugs in your gut healthy to keep a strong mental health.

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