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In room entertainment in hotels

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In room entertainment in hotel rooms is changing as the world moves to a connected, on your fingertips model.

Hotels have always been focused on technological enhancements to improve certain touchpoints of the guest journey and provide innovative solutions. Entertainment plays an integral role in the guest experience today.

Guests wish for the hotel Television experience to mirror the at-home TV experience. They prefer to either view their own content in their rooms (bring your own content BYOC-concept) or prefer to bring their own device with their favourites pre-loaded (bring your own device BYOD).

Room in The Westin Mumbai Powai Lake
Room in The Westin Mumbai Powai Lake

Hospitality tech needs to be very dynamic and is very demanding with the demands of the guests getting more and more refined and specific to their needs and to the way they view and value service. Owing to the current changing times, we make it a point to constantly upgrade and innovate and implement the most latest of technologies there are in the space of hospitality tech to ensure we are the market leaders in providing the most impeccable customer service.

Smart TV & Bluetooth enables speakers are the next enablers. Guests are now able to stream content from their favourite OTT provider like Netflix / Prime / Sony Liv and play music from their own devices directly on TV or stream to the Bluetooth enabled speakers in some cases.

In-room entertainment is the key feature that attracts customers to any hotel today. They remember the service and the fun they had because of the convenience offered via technology. The new-age travellers specifically look for such features to amp up their overall hotel experience. They like the technological comforts of their homes to follow them on their trips and expect instant and seamless connectivity from their devices.

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