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A city that straddles the old and the new, Lucerne has something for everyone and is a great destination on a Swiss sojourn.

One of the most striking images you will see as soon as you exit the train station at Lucerne is an imposing arch with a statue called Zeitgeist or ‘Spirit of Our Times’. This was made by Swiss sculptor Richard Kissling and my guide Sabine Schneitter pointed out that the arch is also used to serve as a vent for any pollution for cars parked below the same. Walking around Lucerne there are many stories and sights waiting to be discovered. Incidentally Seoul has a similar looking train station inspired by this one in Lucerne. Here are five ways to discover the charming city.

Farmer's Market in Lucerne
Farmer’s Market in Lucerne
  • Walk around the Old Town. The stunning Kapellbrücke Chapel Bridge is the start of your walk – be ready to spend time, this has to be the most photographed spot. I was here just before the beautiful flowers would be removed for the winter season and clearly went camera click happy.
  • One of the best ways to explore the city is to head to a boat cruise that takes under a couple of hours. I suggest you take a lunch cruise where the meal is served on the cruise, and you can take in the pretty Alpine landscapes against the backdrop of Lake Lucerne.
  • A trip to Max Chocolatier is a must. You can sign up for a tour at the recently opened design studio that also involves tasting some of their variants.
  • If you love vehicles, the Swiss Museum of Transport is a must see. A family destination that is an interactive space that has sections for planes, cars, boats, and trains. The large museum has over 3000 objects and has several simulators and interactive exhibits in its sprawling 20,000 square meter campus.
  • One of the best things to do in the mornings, especially if you are here on Tuesdays and Saturdays is to head to the farmer’s market that is filled with stalls selling all kinds of local produce – from vegetables, fruits, cheese, jam, bakes and more.

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