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Pt. Sajan Misra Ode to Classical Music

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Pandit Rajan & Pandit Sajan Misra are names that need no introduction in the world of Indian Classical music but with Pandit Rajan’s demise, Pandit Sajan vows to continue their formidable legacy.

On 26th April, classical singer Rajan Misra passed away at the age of 70 in Delhi due to COVID-19 related complications. His death saw tributes pouring in from all over including the likes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar. His brother Sajan Misra is the other half of the famed duo who looks at the road ahead.

Pandit Rajan and Sajan Misra
Pandit Rajan Misra, Pandit Sajan Misra, classical music, music maestro, COVID-19, music, Hindustani musicPandit Rajan and Sajan Misra

“We have been singing together since childhood and my elder brother was also my teacher; he was a genius and god gifted and I am fortunate that he was also my guide in my singing journey.” The brothers trained in the Banaras Gharana under their father Pandit Hanuman Prasad Misra and uncle Pandit Gopal Misra and were born in Banaras, the UNESCO City of Music.

The brothers who have sung together for over 54 years have shared a bond of love and respect for each other. “He was a very fine gentleman and supported me always. We were like friends and performed across the world together. It was a relationship of friendship and respect and it is very hard to explain in words. I have a lot of concentration and have learnt a lot just by observing him.”

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