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A semi luxury project based at prime location in South Mumbai is a perfect ode to how cooperation between the client and the design team can result in a home that wins everyone’s heart.

This is a two bedroom 720 sq. ft. project in Mumbai owned by Pradeep Jain and has been done up by Shruti T Mantry, Founder, Samaarc an interior designing firm.

Living Room
Living Room

Décor Details

Designing a small space to make it appear roomy is a task where form and function needs to be balanced. This home does all of this and more. A petal abstract element is a common design element that runs through this home. The main passage has a petal form gypsum ceiling which further continues on the adjacent wall. The kitchen glass sliding door after the passage has the same petal abstract design which is engraved on it in frost. The petal element continues on the common basin counter storage adjacent to the other end of passage wall. The television unit has the panel finished in veneer and highlighted with back lit LED lighting as well as the same form is seen on the main door where the petal form builds up into half flower. The safety door which was antique gold plated finish also has same pattern laser cutting and is fixed on frost acrylic sheet which is back lit and servers as light medium for entrance. Lights have been used intelligently to accentuate the spaces. “The Alabaster paneling done in dining area which continues in L form from ceiling to wall and in day light it appears to be beautiful onyx marble paneling (alabaster is substitute of onyx marble exactly resembling onyx) while at evening it has complete different charm of its own when its self-lit,” says Shruti.  The flooring used in house is imported Malaysian tile in pure white.


Getting Roomy

The kitchen is in parallel style and as the storage requirement for heavy for the look is a complete white kitchen with colourful abstract design tiles as highlighter.” Further to make overhead units lighter we made major use of glass profile shutter and used profile handles to give kitchen a sleeker look,” says Shruti. The kitchen storage shutters have been finished with pearl white imported acrylic material. In order to accentuate the space, light shades and mirrors have been used effectively and efficiently. “The dresser in the master bedroom has full wall mirror this helps the small niche kind space to look bigger and the full height mirror to the left of dresser is actually a sliding door which has the small storage area behind it,” adds Shruti.

Living Room
Living Room

Colour Coordinated

The home is primarily done up in white, brown, and golden hues. Since the client’s teenage daughters have a fascination with the colour blue the interior designers have used the shade liberally with different slabs of blue back-painted glass. “To break the monotony of linear forms in bedroom and make it more interesting we added few curves in some furniture like bed and dressing unit, even the ceiling was in curved form. The main show stealing feature happened when we designed the bed back wall with pop circular motives placing them in random sizes to make curve out of it and color it in same hues of blue which were used on wardrobe,” says Shruti. Wooden flooring complete the look in the daughter’s room. PVC blue and white laminate has been used for all furniture here and all the wardrobes have back-painted glass as finishing material. The master bedroom has very contemporary look with a combination of white and brown. “We have made use of mirrors wherever possible to create illusion of bigger space as the room was cluttered with storage all over. Even on wardrobe shutters and other storages in bedroom we have used white back-painted glass which helps place look lighter even after ample of storage,” adds Shruti.

Design Challenges

The biggest challenge in the project was that client had a big requirement of storage space and the designer had to meet the same without making the space look cluttered. The drawing room has two full height wardrobe size storage units, one at the entrance used as shoe storage partially and one beside the television unit. Even the television unit has huge overhead storage and drawer storage while there is storage beside dining table used to store table accessories too. “I made it a point to use storage units as design elements rather than giving them form of bulky storage furniture, which I achieved by making different kind of display niche in various storage unit and adding the light to same. The shutters and the body of storage has been done up in white to lighten up the otherwise bulky feel.” The kitchen has white acrylic storage shutters and glass profile shutters with sleeker profile handles that also helps the space to feel less bulky. Keeping in mind the budget constraints, the designers substituted high end material with moderate rate materials achieving the same look. This is a house that has beaten the myth that size matters – a small space that is as functional as is stylish.


After completing her interior designing from Rachana Sansad in year 2010-11, Shruti worked with various designing firms for four and half years. This included a two and half year stint in Aamby valley Sahara. She then started Samaarc in mid-2015 which she has been spear heading since. Her brother Jaynish M Panchal is also interior designer and works as site execution head for projects.

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This story first appeared in Society Interiors Jan-19 issue here:LS Shruti

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