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Tall Structures

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In India, structures above 15 meters in height qualify as a tall building while many professionals define a high-rise as a building that is at least 75 feet (23 m) tall or about seven stories. However, most countries have their own definition of tall buildings and their height.

A tall building is not just about height, but it is about proportion. There are many buildings, which are not particularly high, but are slender enough to give the impression of a tall building, especially against low urban backdrops. On the other hand, there are numerous big/large footprint buildings which are tall, but their size/floor area rules them out from being classified as a tall building.

Courtesy Eskay Design
Courtesy Eskay Design

Specific grades of concrete like M25, M30 or M40, specific grades of reinforced steel bars are used in constructing tall structures. Façade materials should be sustainable, lightweight and robust, with high resistance to fire.

Realty as an industry is often said to be the most polluting of all. Tall Structures naturally put more strain on the environment courtesy their size. Therefore builders are considering some critical factors like seismic load, wind load, heat island effect, thermal load and solar reflective index (SRI) for different faces of the building as per IGBC.

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