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The Genius of structural engineer Mahendra Raj at KNMA, Delhi

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The genius of structural engineer Mahendra Raj is on display at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) through a show aptly called “Structuring Form – The Innovative Rigour of Mahendra Raj”.

Did you know that architects like Charles Correa (Municipal Stadium, Ahmedabad), Raj Rewal (Hall of Nation), BV Doshi (Tagore Memorial Hall), Kuldeep Singh (NCDC Building) all had a common connection? All of these renowned architects partnered with Mahendra Raj, a Structural Engineer nonpareil who ensured that these buildings morphed from design to reality through his ingenuity and skill. And if you are in KNMA at Saket in Delhi until December 26, 2019 you can see why Mahendra Raj is easily one of the best structural engineers of our times. The exhibition showcases seven architectural projects of the 95 year old veteran and throws light on the often ignore collaborative alliance between the architect and the structural engineer.

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