The Magic of Melukote

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A temple town dotted with stone arches, water tanks and monuments that reflect a rich past, Melukote is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

If there is one thing I must thank the pandemic for, it would have to be discovering Karnataka, my home state. And one such charming destination located 150 km from Bengaluru is the town of Melukote. While I always saw sign boards indicating the diversion to Melukote many times when I drove between Bengaluru and Mysore, it was only recently that I finally visited the town.

A door in Melukote
A door in Melukote

Here are some places you must see:

  • Cheluvaraya temple
  • Yoga Narasimha temple
  • Pushkarini
  • Akka Tangi Kola
  • Raya Gopura
  • Dhanushkodi
  • Academy of Sanskrit Research
  • Janapada Seva trust
  • Subbana Mess

My personal favourite part about Melukote is its thriving bird life. In my visits here I have been fortunate to see many species.

Bay Backed Shrike at Melukote
Bay Backed Shrike at Melukote

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