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Wellness in Hospitality

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Hoteliers are focusing on wellness with a renewed focus in the backdrop of the pandemic with good reason.

Hotels are betting on wellness in a big way as the post pandemic trump card and it seems to be auguring well for the industry. After all, post the COVID-19 pandemic, if there is one thing that is on top of everyone’s mind, it is wellness. In fact, there are hotels that are keeping wellness as the primary focus and are evolving their offerings as a destination for health, with luxury kept intact.

The concept of wellness is also changing to become holistic and inclusive. Given the current state of the world, travellers are seeking out wellness-based amenities and a focus on fitness, nutrition, and holistic experiences from our hotel.

Namaste Dwaar View
Namaste Dwaar View

Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, fitness, and healthy organic cuisine are being touted as the best way to restore balance and harmony.

Post the pandemic, large hotel chains are increasingly focusing on various aspects related to wellness.

Wellness is the new health. The COVID-19 induced pandemic has made people realise that until they do not improve on their immunity naturally by strengthening their core, they are never safe.

Hotels today are focusing on crafting a variety of food and beverage offerings to suit each traveler’s individual dietary needs and preferences.

Wellness today is an aspect that hoteliers cannot overlook and hence taking steps to integrate the concept in their various offerings will augur well for them and their guests.

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