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Whitefield Art Collective 2019

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Get ready for a month long art festival as the 4th Annual Whitefield Art Collective kicks off in Whitefield

Thomas Merton once said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Perhaps it is this very quality of art that makes it endearing and insightful. And to understand this for yourself, head to The Whitefield Art Collective (WAC) at VR Bengaluru. WAC us a part of a successful roster of pan-Indian, award-winning art shows that are supported by Virtuous Retail as part of its connecting communities program. The fourth edition that has just launched saw the unveiling of The VR Art Car 2019, a work by artist M. Senathipati, President of Cholamandal Artists’ Village and a fireside chat with T.V Santosh at The Living Room, The Waverly Hotel and Residencies on the topic “The Role of Art in Connecting Communities”. M. Senathipathi, President, Cholamandal Artist’s Village said, “I have portrayed Krishna and Gopies on the VR Art Car. The Mahabharata and Ramayana are interpreted as aspects of human behaviour, in my own language. It’s been an honour to have the opportunity to paint the VR Art Car 2019. This project not only has allowed me to express my vision on an unconventional medium but also has given me the platform to showcase my work across the country with Madras Art Guild (Chennai), Whitefield Art Collective (Bangalore), Punjab Art Initiative (Chandigarh Capital Region) and Dumas Art Project (Surat). The subject of the art, the Indian epics urges the viewers to take a moment to absorb the essence this work and contemplate life and its meaning.”

This time VR Bengaluru will be turned into a hub of artistic activity with an ensemble of over 100 artworks including installations and fine art curated through partnerships with leading institutions and eminent artists that will be on display. Alongside, they also have the art pop up, which will showcase niche designers and artists who would display their work for sale. This year the collective has collaborated with Chitrakala Parishad (Bengaluru), Cholamandal Artists’ Village (Chennai), Government College of Fine Art (Pondicherry), Government College of Fine Art (Kumbakonam), and Government College of Fine Art (Chennai). Speaking about his work at Whitefield Art Collective 2019, Kalyan S. Rathore says, “as a sculptor seeking the key to chaos, is order. The answer to harnessing this order lies in nature, where nature chooses geometry as a guiding template to render herself. Through this series, I seek to find the common elements in every form; from an Atom to the Universe and that in flora and fauna in the midst of what seems to be waywardness. I am honored to have a platform to showcase my work which comprises deep, strict mathematical principles that govern the recipe for growth, structure and aesthetics at The Whitefield Art Collective 2019.”

The WAC is a month-long program that goes on till March 21st and will also have art pop ups, a children’s art competition, a Bangalore in Focus online photography contest along with art cinema at Skydeck, featuring “Pollock”, a movie on the life of the artist Jackson Pollock. “Over the years Whitefield Art Collective has been a platform for emerging artists from premier institutes to showcase their works alongside works of eminent artists. The works of these students is viewed by lakhs of people over the course of the festival giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent to the world. Additionally, this year yet again Whitefield Art Collective will be undertaking the Basement Art Project, where the walls of VR Bengaluru’s basement will be covered with a splash of colours,” says Sumi Gupta, Curator, WAC. Incidentally, VR Bengaluru has been striving towards their Connecting Communities© initiative. They do so through creating new social hubs for the urban consumer. “VR Bengaluru’s connecting community initiative has become a platform for cultural festivals, civic partnerships and collaborations with community stakeholders, through programs and initiatives that encourage civic pride, strengthen the local economy and enhance the city’s brand image,” adds Gupta.

  • When: 21st Feb 2019 to 21st March 2019
  • Where: VR Bengaluru
  • Cost: Free except for Art Cinema which is ticketed at Rs. 150 and available on BookMyShow.

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