Crystal Gazing – Apparel 2019

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The dawn of the New Year means that it is once again time to look into the crystal ball to predict apparel trends that will rule the year.

The year 2019 will see a revival of sustainable fabrics as well as new colours and materials. With the new Pantone colour announced as Living Coral there will also be a focus on the same.

Material Matters

Materials like Tencel and Modal are important blends for this season. Recycled and reusable concepts will be more emphasized as well. Fabrics like silk, handwoven brocades and chiffons will make waves this year. Ashima Sharma, Fashion Designer and owner, Ashima S Couture adds, “Khadi is definitely going to rule the fashion sector. The transition of Khadi from an unstylish hand spun fabric to becoming a part of grand event attire is outstanding. The fabric’s unique texture gives an opportunity to keep the garment simple, yet stylish and elegant with the help of a little bit of detailing.” Organic fabrics with natural imperfections in organic dyes that are not harmful to the environment will grow in popularity and use. High-quality polyester based fabrics which are anti-wrinkle, easy care, lightweight and breathable will appear in the Indian market via select players with the focus on quality and comfort. “Another major innovation in 2019 that I foresee is biopolymers fabric made from renewable natural resources such as corn starch and castor oil. Other materials that will be the go-to options for both elegant and casuals ensembles are sheer, silk, lace, printed (geometric, florals), fabrics that are fluid and flowy, crochet, unevenly crinkled textiles, printed sequins and fabrics that have a natural hand feel will be the most preferred options,” says Designer Nandita Mahtani.

Colour Coded

Indigo is the new black – whether western wear, ethnic wear or Indo-Western look, Indigo is ruling the charts. Besides this, black, white and grey will be dominating wardrobes. Adarsh Makaria from Osaa by Adarsh says, “colours like neon, yellow/gold, pastels as well as bright shades will be big this year, cuts will be more like bigger and flare derived from the retro era.” Anjita Singh, Founder and Creative Director, Leela by A adds, “this year we are not shying from the bright colours like purple, emerald green, yellow and aqua blue. The classy gold is here to stay with all its shimmer and glory.” Colours like Prussian Blue, Marmalade, Merlot and hues of green like age green, fern green, seaweed green and forest green are definitely dominating this year. “Shades of green is classic and is never out of fashion. Immaculately made designs in these colours exude a fresh look which always enhances your élan,” avers Surbhi Pansari, Founder, Surbhi Pansari.

Prints and Patterns

The forecast for this year’s mood board shows an abundance of circular patterns and dots, diagonal stripes and prints on prints. Structured cuts such as in blazers, colour coordinated pantsuits that go from casual to weekend settings will prevail while anti-fit will remain a summer favourite. Ravi Gupta, Designer and Owner, Gargee Desinger’s says, “English and all bright colours are all set to knock the doors for men’s wear this year. From roses on rucksacks to tulips on T-shirts, floral prints are one the season’s biggest menswear trends.” Geometric prints are most likely to be in the mainstream the following year. “More of sports casual will be in trend which is fitted to body, combined with layering of free flow accessories. Bulky and baggy joggers, oversized patterns are out of trend,” says Sharad Venkta, MD & CEO, Toonz Retail. Designer Nikhil Thampi adds, “fashion is equivalent to comfort for me. Feeling comfortable yet stylish is essential; hence I think the athleisure look is going to make it big this year. We can expect to witness a mix and match of bright colours to make a statement.”

Style File

With retro fashion back in vogue, satin, velvet, and denim will also be popular this year. Ritika Taneja, Head Category Management at ShopClues says, “much experimentation is being done with animal motifs tiger stripes, python, zebra and more. For fall, heavy coats and structured jackets in leopard spots and zebra stripes would be in high demand. Vintage-inspired blossoms and bold, colorful fabrics and checked patterns, especially on jackets and tops and also dresses will be in.” Retro fashion is back in vogue, which includes oversized t-shirts with logos/slogans, distressed denims, shoulder pads, sequins, fringes, tassels, feathers, and animal prints. “Asymmetric silhouettes and layered pieces are hugely on trend across all categories of clothing. With more trends simultaneously in vogue than ever before, 2019 is a year where almost anything goes as long as you style it well and wear it with confidence,” says Devangi Parekh, Creative Director, Aza Fashions. Garima Dubey, Buying Manager, American Eagle adds, “high waist jeans, easy pants such as tulip pants or soft pants, high rise shorts and denim shortfalls and striped dresses/maxis will be in for women. For men, printed shirts and graphic tees with different print techniques will dominate 2019.” Capes have made a comeback on the runway – printed, solid or embroidered you can take your pick. “This sleek silhouette suits all body types. Crop tops and palazzos will continue to rule in the season. Oversized ruffles will be out and we’ll be seeing more of minimal ruffles,” says Krupa Kapadia, Owner of Krupa Kapadia Label.

Trend Check

Street styles will have a huge impact on how women dress. Some micro trends of street style will have a lot of exposure in the coming few months. Trends like tie-dye, cycling shorts, neon dresses are few which are likely to be seen in the fashion circuit. Likewise 2019 bridal trends will show the nostalgic cuts and patterns in blouses, of the late 90’s, be it long corset styled blouses or short bustier length blouses. “Lehangas will be of much lighter weights, which are quite easy to carry, that’s why lustrous fabrics like Satin organza, silk organza along with Tulle lace are to be seen in Bridal ranges,” says Sumona Parekh of Sumona Couture. Westernization of styles is happening across the Indian fashion space, but 2019 is when we expect it to continue with a touch of Indian contemporary accent. Think Ikats, block prints, handmade and handicraft details welded with western silhouettes like jackets, dresses etc. “An increase in the popularity of androgynous clothing will be seen in the coming year. Bold structured shoulders and the ever trending high-rise trousers will continue to stay in style. Safe to say, cold shoulders will be finally going out of fashion this year. In workwear, functional details such as adjustable length and waist, roomy pockets and more will continue with more innovations to come and a transitional wardrobe that goes from a weekday to weekend with little changes will be the main focus,” opines Ayushi Gudwani, Founder-CEO, FableStreet.

Form and Function

‘Function’ in garments is also becoming more relevant. Functional refers to features that add convenience and comfort to the garments. Features such as adjustable length of trousers, hidden pockets and roomy pockets in outfits are such. Adjustable slit length in dresses is beneficial to women as they also allow easy transition from work to a party. Mini-skirts are creeping back into the zeitgeist both on the runway and on the streets partially in response to the modest midi and maxi lengths we have been wearing for years, but perhaps also because women are embracing the bold, anti-establishment spirit of ’60s women. “As we enter 2019, we are turning over a new sartorial leaf. We are embracing exaggerated tailoring: puffy sleeves, asymmetrical silhouettes, and more statement-making trends that are best worn with tailored separates or suiting-inspired styling pieces. 2019 is going to continue to fully suiting, but with a romantic twist. We will be seeing boxy silhouettes with bow details, slim lines in more classic menswear tweeds, and more,” says Arpita Mehta, Designer.

Men in Vogue

Likewise, men will also ensure they stay trendy and fashionable. Stripes and checks are trending this year. But apart from those patterns, men are choosing body hugging/perfect fit/structured suits rather boxy suit fits. “Overcoats are in majorly. Turtle necks under suits look great and overcoats, double breasted jackets are all in this season. Another trend that has very well made its entry into the corporate sector is sneakers with suits, keeping the shapes basic and even the colours should be either black or white with similar coloured laces,” says Rohan Khattar, Co-founder, Minizmo. The unusual denim trend is undoubtedly a predominant aspect in the men’s apparel collections season after season. Harssh Chedda, Founder & CEO, Corporate Collars adds, “right from denim jackets, suits, shirts, t-shirts, shorts and pants, this eternal laid-back trend is here to stay but with an unusual twist. The year 2019 will showcase novel and exhilarating ways to wear denim whether embroidered, dyed or distressed, thus sending the nineties-inspired acid wash look down the runway.” So get ready to welcome 2019 with a fashionable twist.

This story first appeared in Apparel Magazine Feb-19 issue here: TREND TALK TRENDS FOR 2019

All images in this post are courtesy: Sindoor Collection by Sumona Couture

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