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Hotels Banning Plastic

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As hospitality becomes increasingly conscientious, there is a focused effort on going plastic free.

Reducing single-use items in operations is not only good for the environment but also food the financial bottom line. Whilst the cost of items might be slightly higher to have single-use plastic free items, over the long run, reusable items have a better return on investment. Also less waste leads to less cost.

• All straws are paper or bamboo.
• All take away containers are reusable bento boxes.
• All soft drinks and ready-to-drink beverages are in glass bottles or cans.
• All laundry bags are reusable canvas garment bags.
• All toiletries are in refillable bottles or recycled.
• Amenities in-villa are eco-friendly, with bamboo toothbrushes, chewing toothpaste, biodegradable shower caps, etc.
• All our tea is packaged in biodegradable bags.
• Coffee pods are either biodegradable or recycled.

JW Kandy Gallery Lobby
JW Kandy Gallery Lobby

CGH Earth from its inception in 1989 has been following the principles of being environmentally sensitive, benefiting the community and adopting local ethos. One could say that CGH Earth has been a pioneer in responsible tourism since the late 80s. We have been able to show that one can do good business and holiday with a good conscience by being environmentally sensitive. Over the years our guests who have experienced CGH Earth have been inspired by our integration of environment-sensitive practices into their holiday experience. They end up carrying forward these learnings from their time with us to their own homes and communities thereby joining us in our efforts to live more consciously.

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